10 Things you didn’t know about Slough

  1. William Herschel,  Astronomer Royal, discoverer of the planet Uranus lived at Observatory House, Slough on the Windsor Road.
  2. Charles Dickens worked at the Mere in Upton Park with the Bentley publishing company – was the nearby Eton Union Workhouse the basis for the story of Oliver Twist?
  3. The Slough Trading Estate established in 1920 was to become the world’s largest business park was built on the site of a military vehicle dump from World War One.
  4. The drink Horlicks was manufactured in England for the first time when a new factory was erected  at  Slough in 1908 by James Horlick.
  5. The Mars Bar was first manufactured in Slough in 1932 and the headquarters is still based there today.
  6. The legendary British band, The Beatles, began their first British tour in Slough in 1963.
  7. Slough’s first mosque was established on Montem Lane in a converted house in 1969.
  8. Latest findings suggest that Montem Mound at Slough was a high status  Anglo Saxon burial mound  dating to the 7th century AD.
  9. In the past its thought to have been a motte and bailey castle and also the home of a bizzare Eton College ceremony.
    John Tawell (1784–1845) was a British murderer. He was the first person to be arrested as the result of telecommunications technology.
  10. BBC’s iconic series ‘The Office’ was filmed in Crossbow House on Slough Trading Estate (which was demolished in 2013).