Our Work

Our mission is to build a sense of pride in Slough. We do this through exploring and celebrating Slough’s past, present and future with our communities.

During 2021, we are preparing for accreditation as part of moving the collection and creating a new exhibition at SEGRO Slough Trading Estate, who have just marked their one hundred years anniversary in the town. This generous support from SEGRO will enable our collection to be curated and more accessible and tell the story of Slough as a place of pioneers and innovators. Additional support from Arts Council England and Slough Borough Council means we will be updating the collection to better reflect Slough’s communities and continue or work with communities to bring stories of Slough to life.

Current and recent projects include:


We are working with local groups to uncover and share hidden histories of diverse communities and clothing, connecting to two key Slough pioneers: Lydia Simmons, who in 1984 became the first black woman to become a UK Mayor, and our sitting MP Tan Dhesi who was the first ever turbaned Sikh in any European Parliament.

HOME Slough Story Kits

Open up and unleash your inner storyteller….  Story Kits have everything you need to tell your tale – just add imagination.

Herschel 200

In partnership with the Herschel Museum of Astronomy in Bath, we are marking the 200th anniversary of the death of William Herschel – who lived, married and is buried in Slough – with a series of public workshops, performances & exhibitions.

SEGRO Centenary

SEGRO have recently celebrated their centenary, with their journey beginning in 1920 with the formation of the Slough Trading Company to run a 243-hectare, First World War vehicle repair depot on the Bath Road. Now a FTSE 100 property company, owning or managing 7.8 million square metres of space across nine countries in Europe, SEGRO is generously supporting Slough Museum to store and display our Collection.

202020 Slough

In partnership with Slough Libraries and Culture Service and supported by  Arts Council England, 202020 is an ambitious and wide-reaching year-long project that is collection, engagement and artist led. Creatively & culturally diverse Slough artists will select 20 widely differing objects from our Collection, to engage with participant residents from 20 locations across our town to co-create responses to the object.

Make with the Museum

Free family friendly Make with the Museum sessions as part of The Curve Club every last Saturday of the month. Collection and Slough heritage inspired crafts include Hurricane Hawker aircraft, Mrs Simkins & Cox Apples pollinating origami bee, a bear from Paddington and our very own Woolly Mammoth. Sessions currently online @SloughLibraries Facebook.

Discover the Discoverers, The Herschel Family Slough

This project discovered, celebrated and shared our town’s currently under-valued cultural heritage, learning about William Herschel and his sister Caroline. The 18th Century astronomers – discoverers of planet Uranus and multiple stars and comets – lived, loved, were born, died, are buried in Slough and yet their heritage seemed to only be known by a few. Slough Museum sought to change this through this volunteer led project.

We are All Made of Stars

We are All Made of Stars

This multi art form project involving Slough based artists and local residents co creating work inspired by the town’s astronomical heritage. We shared all resulting artwork at twilight so those observing Ramadan could take part in national initiatives The Big (Lunar) Lunch and The Great Get Together in memory of Jo Cox MP – events about togetherness and that there is more that unites than divides us, or that ‘We Are All Made of Stars’.

Past/Present/Future - the spirit of Dickens in Slough

Our Past, Present, Future project marked 175 years since Dickens classic A Christmas Carol was published. The Mere in Slough not only offered a beautiful building & backdrop, but the opportunity for participants & audiences to explore largely unknown Slough history on the site of Charles Dickens publishers ‘Bentley’s’ as creative inspiration for creating, performing, reading & hearing poetry, prose & lyrics.