The Curve Pods

On the 2nd September 2016, Slough Museum made a welcome return to its home town by moving into The Curve, the newly established library and cultural hub for Slough.

Its presence here is in the form of 8 newly created themed exhibition ‘pods’ which explore the heritage of the town, focusing on its nationally important industrial heritage and the history of its pioneering, vibrant community.

They feature the people of Slough, from the Herschel Family, who made significant advancements in astronomy, to the people living here today; focussing on domestic and community life, from important places and leisure activities, to community endeavours during the war periods.

Slough Beginnings
(ground floor west)

This pod features the early history of Slough. Highlights include our woolly mammoth’s tooth and tusk, excavated from the Slough area. The story takes in Slough’s importance on the coaching routes and how its fertile land made it ideal for farming and horticulture.

A Sense of Place
(ground floor east/central)

Available to hire for exhibitions, this pod is to showcase anything and everything that puts the WOW into Slough!  It will bring visitors new, exciting and innovative displays which will change on a regular basis providing a unique twist to The Curve experience!

Discovery and Innovation
(first floor central)

This pod is dedicated to medical and scientific innovation. Features include the Herschel family and their contribution to science and medical developments from Elliman to Pharma.

(first floor west)

Slough as a centre for industry and innovation is featured here through the story of the Trading Estate, one of the biggest in the world.

Life & Leisure
(first floor east)

Slough’s golden age of cinema; highlights include the story of the Hollywood handprints, Slough’s very own pavement of fame.

Storytelling Sitting Room
(second floor west)

A recreation of a living room in the 1950s and a base for hearing the stories of the many people who have lived or passed through Slough.

 1930s/40s Kitchen
(second floor west)

This display of a kitchen from the 1930s and early war years is a focal point for looking at domestic life.

Victorian Slough
(second floor east)

The story of Slough continues focuses on the Victorian era and features the growth of Slough, the railway and the brick making industry.

Our collections

For over 25 years, Slough Museum has been committed to collecting, documenting, and preserving Slough’s local heritage and ensuring that Slough’s rich history is made accessible to all. At the heart of Slough Museum is a unique collection of over 6000 objects, 5000 images and the oral histories of residents which tell the fascinating history of the town and its locality.

Since collecting began in 1985, Slough Museum has acquired around 3500 objects and documents (consisting of prints, paintings and drawings; maps; numismatics; documents; decorative art; costume; geology; archaeology; occupational tools and equipment; slough-made products and packaging; toys, dolls and other juvenilia) and 7500 photographs. The Museum also holds 32,520 negative packets and strips from the Slough Observer newspaper and a small quantity of oral history recordings, video tapes and film reels.

The collection covers a period of around 10,000 years – from mammoths to the present day and charts the development of Slough, its public, social and domestic life. With advancements in science, technology, agriculture and industry, the Museum boasts objects which can showcase the impact these had on the town in the past, present and the future.