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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where is Slough Museum?

A: Our permanent display is in 8 museum pods at The Curve, William Street, Slough, SL1 1XY

Q: How do I contact the museum?

A: Send an e-mail, ring us, or leave a message at The Curve reception desk

Q: How do I give something to the museum collection?

A: Because space is limited, we can only accept objects and documents that fit with our collecting policy.  First, send us a description and if possible an image. We will make an initial assessment on whether or not it fits the policy.  If so, we will arrange to meet you to inspect the item

Q: Can I visit the museum at Langley College?

A: Most of our work at the college is liked to students’ learning.  However, we do display a small number of objects and documents at the college.  It is possible to see these on College Open Days – please see for dates and times

Q: How can I support the museum?

A: Volunteers are always welcome and the museum relies on them to continue to operate – see the ‘get involved’ page of this website.  Financial donations, however large or small are always appreciated – see the donate page of the website