Our Vision

Slough Museum: The Guardian of the Story of Slough

Our Mission Statement

We build a sense of pride in Slough.  We develop imaginative and inclusive programming and displays, and encourage people to share their stories and knowledge of Slough as a place of pioneers and innovators.

We are the only organisation in Slough that has a remit to collect, conserve and communicate the town’s Heritage.  We explore and celebrate Slough’s past, present and future.

What we want to be famous for

Giving people a reason to fall in love with Slough

Our Overarching Sense of Purpose

We share a vision of building community cohesion.

We aim to develop a sense that, with all of Slough’s ethnic and socioeconomic diversity, we are one community.  We will do this by developing and using our collections to engage and enthuse.

Our Core Values (shared by trustees, volunteers and employees)

  • We welcome and value Input from across the community – always striving to enhance community cohesion
  • We believe in taking a Pioneering approach to developing and running the museum, in keeping with the pioneering nature of Slough itself
  • We are passionate about Discovering, Preserving and Sharing the story of Slough & District and its rich heritage

Our Museum’s Personality

  • Welcoming and accessible
  • Collaborative
  • Open / outward looking
  • Colourful – and fun