About Us

Slough Museum – Our History

Slough Museum Trust was founded on the 9th June 1982 by a group of local people with the aims of:

  • Establishing a Museum – Slough Museum (originally at a property provided by Slough Borough Council: Leeds Cottage, Bath Road – in 1986)
  • Advancing the education of the public in local and general history, topography and archaeology by provision and administration of a museum for Slough and the surrounding district

The Trust Deed gives trustees the power to:

  • Secure material for public exhibition or research
  • Purchase, hire, etc. for exhibition or other use artefacts, natural objects, pamphlets, manuscripts, reports, pictures, maps or other documents which the trustees consider will enhance the collection
  • Prepare, edit, publish, print and distribute bulletins, news-sheets, reproductions, magazines, books and other literature
  • Hold exhibitions, meetings, lectures and seminars
  • Purchase or lease real or personal property
  • Receive donations, subscriptions, legacies, endowments grants and other (legal) gifts, etc.
  • Publicise the need for funds (for maintenance and development of the museum)

Slough Museum is the only organisation in Slough that has a remit to collect, conserve and communicate the town’s Heritage.  As such, it is the guardian of the story of Slough.

Slough Museum Locations 

The museum has occupied a number of locations since its foundation:

Leeds Cottage, Bath Road

1982 to 1997

  • registered as a Charity on 19 July 1982, and with the Museums, Libraries and Archives Council (then the Museums and Galleries Commission) in July 1998 (RD977)
  • the museum began collecting in 1985 and first opened its doors to the public on 30 April 1986
  • Slough Borough Council took back the building in April 1997, but provided an alternative venue on the High Street, which was more accessible to the public

278-286 High Street

1997 to 2011

  • the museum had two exhibition galleries, which celebrated Slough’s past, present and future as well as a research and activity room
  • we registered as a Limited Company on 4 September 2000
  • we achieved full accreditation as a museum under the revised scheme in November 2006
  • Slough Museum closed at these premises on 11 June 2011

Slough Central Library

2011 to 2016

  • the museum reopened on 26 October 2011
  • the library closed in August 2016 transferring to the Curve in September 2016; Slough Museum went with it

The Curve


  • the museum’s exhibition space is in a series of 8 “pods” (small, self-contained rooms, each exploring an aspect of Slough’s history)

Langley Campus 

We have recently formed an exciting partnership with Langley College (formerly East Berkshire College).  Under this arrangement, the collection has moved to Langley Campus, we are developing a programme of education activities, to use our collection to support student learning, the Museum will be developing displays to be sited in different college departments (for example historic hair drier, therapeutic heat lamp and photographs of hair and beauty salons from days gone by in Slough might form an exhibition in the Hair and Beauty learning space and brick-making artefacts and images could be exhibited in the construction learning space.  Museum staff will have a dedicated space for working and delivering activities and we will work with the college to explore ways of maximising the mutual benefits of working together.  As far as we are aware, this is the first partnership of its kind between a local museum and an FE college and we are excited about the future.

In a recent survey of visitors to the pods in the Curve, most (95%) made positive comments about them – informative, interesting, well-presented, etc.

81% will recommend the pods to others
79% will visit the pods again

Reasons given for visiting again included: to learn about my town; because they are interesting; to bring children.